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International Healthcare Media, LLC, Launches Novel Educational Platform, International Healthcare Education (IHE), ihe360.com

International Healthcare Media, LLC, Launches Novel Educational Platform, International Healthcare Education (IHE), ihe360.com

Clinton, NJ (January 19, 2023) | Award-winning and best-in-class digital medical publisher and communications company, International Healthcare Media (IHM), has launched a new educational platform, International Healthcare Education | ihe360.com | @internationalhealthcareeducation. While ihe360.com serves healthcare providers first and foremost, it also focuses on patient warriors and patient advocates and caregivers. Its unique mission is encompassed in the ihe360.com logo:

  • The blue HEART represents the healthcare stakeholders and interprofessional care teams – physicians, nurses, and other clinicians.
  • The three GREEN leaves demonstrate our approach to education, ensuing that it is (1) relevant, (2) high quality, and (3) evidence based.
  • The two GREEN hands depict how we support and encourage (1) developing and distributing high-quality continuing educational activities and (2) recognizing the patient warrior and patient caregivers and advocates. These two elements are essential in the education equation, but they are too often overlooked due to lack of time and resources.

Chris Ciraulo, President & CEO, states, “This new launch is a natural extension to our already-established publishing and communications platforms that serve the rare disease and eye care communities. The inclusion of the forgotten patient warriors and patient advocates is at the heart of what we do each day. Advocating for them through quality- and outcomes-driven education is embedded within our mission statement, educational logo, and iconic mark.” Ciraulo continued, “We believe in developing the best possible education to improve patient outcomes, quality of care, and quality of life – for patients and their advocates around the globe.”

Christina T. Loguidice, the IHE Executive Vice President and Educational Director states, “We develop and distribute CE/CME activities geared toward the interprofessional care team. Our activities are guided by key opinion leaders and designed to increase healthcare providers’ knowledge, competence, performance, and confidence on important clinical topics as they navigate ever-changing treatment landscapes and increasingly complex healthcare environments. Our activities include a variety of text- and video-based formats to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs. Additionally, we pair our CE/CME activities with suitable patient/caregiver education and resources whenever possible, as research consistently shows when patients are engaged in their health care, there are significant improvements in patient safety, health outcomes, and overall health-care quality.”

International Healthcare Education recognizes that patients and caregivers are essential in the education equation but are often overlooked due to lack of time or resources. This increases their risk of being exposed to misinformation in their quest for knowledge. The ihe360.com team strives to facilitate healthcare providers’ efforts to educate their patients by providing them with ADA-compliant, evidence-based, practical resources such as handouts, videos, and other educational materials they can confidently share with their patients and/or caregivers to inform and empower them during their healthcare journey.

Finally, the IHE team has decades of experience in developing high-quality, timely, evidence-based CE/CME programs in a variety of learning formats across medical specialties.


ABOUT International Healthcare Media, LLC (IHM)

IHM is a global communications media and communications company that engages healthcare professionals, patient warriors, and patient advocates and caregivers through virtual events, video, podcast, and text content through its proprietary digital media assets. The IHM global community includes readers, viewers, test-takers, followers, connections, friends, attendees, users, and listeners worldwide. IHM is the energy, excitement, and passion behind its corporate tagline, All Content Should Be This Good®!


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  • International Healthcare Education | ihe360.com | @internationalhealthcareeducation, our mission is to improve patient care and outcomes by providing key healthcare stakeholders, including interprofessional care teams, patients, and patient caregivers and advocates, with relevant, high-quality, evidence-based clinical information and resources.


For more information, visit ihmholdings.com. For all media inquiries, contact Juliana Della Pello at [email protected].

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