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About Us

Mission Statement

International Healthcare Media, LLC (IHM) is an informative, educational, dynamic online community for all healthcare providers, patient warriors, and patient advocates/caregivers around the globe. Our mission is to help improve health outcomes, patient satisfaction, quality of care, and quality of life.

Content Creation Strategy

At its core, International Healthcare Media (IHM) operates as a digital healthcare communications and educational company. IHM boasts ownership of a diverse range of media brands and hosts numerous live and virtual educational events. Its exceptional content, which has received accolades, stands out thanks to its close collaboration with an extensive editorial advisory board and a global team of contributors. Through meaningful media partnerships and the support of trusted brand ambassadors, IHMs content is revered around the world.

Best-in-Class Digital Media Company

International Healthcare Media (IHM) is the #1 undisputed healthcare digital-only media company in the world. IHM has received numerous editorial awards across various categories, such as the best series of articles, best on-location conference coverage, best B2B website, best user experience, best media video library, and best social media community. IHM recognizes that content needs to be versatile and practical to be effective and, therefore, strives to create content that can be consumed in various ways. Inclusivity and diversity are fundamental values for IHM, which are reflected in its expansive distribution channels that cater to a global community of readers, users, viewers, listeners, followers, learners, connections, and friends. Additionally, IHM’s family of sites is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which is evident in its innovative “Text-2-Speech” AI technology. International Healthcare Media is the engine, energy, excitement, and passion behind its corporate tagline, ‘All Content Should Be This Good®.’