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International Healthcare Media, LLC Announcing the Launch of Ophthalmology 360®

International Healthcare Media, LLC Announcing the Launch of Ophthalmology 360®

Clinton, NJ (December 23, 2018) | International Healthcare Media, LLC (IHM MEDIA) has launched Ophthalmology 360®, a singular time-saving website for the ophthalmology community. Ophthalmology 360® provides timely and relevant summaries of important studies, critical presentations from the top eye care meetings around the world, and best practices from the country’s leading ophthalmic surgeons. It also keeps clinicians abreast of the latest and most relevant practice management, marketing, political, and patient education developments that impact eye care.

“I am pleased to be a part of this significant launch,” said Dean Celia, an award-winning healthcare communications specialist and former Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Ophthalmology Times. Celia, who is serving as Ophthalmology 360’s® Managing Editor, is bringing a practical, advice-oriented approach to the website. “I’ve spent months listening to and speaking with ophthalmologists, who tell me they need a fresh approach that includes not only the latest information, but succinct commentary on how to use it in practice.”

Ophthalmology 360® will also focus on complications management, added Chief Medical Editor Matthew Marano, MD: “Ophthalmologists need to know more than just the latest surgical techniques and management strategies. The surgery we perform is complex. Ophthalmology 360® is a platform where we will candidly review potential surgical problems, and tell ophthalmologists how to handle these issues while keeping the patient’s vision intact.”

CEO and Publisher Christopher Ciraulo noted that visitors to Ophthalmology 360® can choose from among 12 sub-specialty-specific content areas to visit, allowing users to find precise, relevant content and useful practice tools. “This enables us to provide targeted content sponsorship opportunities, as well as interaction with engaged audience members.”

Learn more about Ophthalmology 360® by visiting  www.ophthalmology360.com

About International Healthcare Media, LLC

International Healthcare Media is a global communications media company that engages with healthcare professionals and patients via live congresses, print brands, video, and proprietary digital media assets.

IHM MEDIA helps clinicians deliver quality care, improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, and optimize quality along the continuum of care through brands that target specific clinicians and diseases and conditions. Using its international reach and access to key thought leaders around the globe, IHM MEDIA delivers an audience of engaged healthcare professionals by providing clinicians with succinct, practical recommendations.

Clinicians remain engaged in the IHM MEDIA ecosystem because it delivers more than just information. Content is presented in varied and sticky formats, and almost always includes advice about what to do and why.