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Ciraulo launches International Healthcare Media, LLC

Ciraulo launches International Healthcare Media, LLC

New York City, NY (December 1, 2018) | Industry veteran and entrepreneur Christopher Ciraulo has launched a new healthcare media company, International Healthcare Media, Inc (IHM). IHM’s mission is to help clinicians deliver quality care, improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, and optimize quality. Its inaugural launch is focused on the eye care market, comprising ophthalmology, optometry, and opticianry. “Beginning in January and over the next two years, we will build a portfolio of vertical media brands to serve targeted specialties, sub-specialties, and therapeutic areas,” said Ciraulo, the new organization’s CEO, President, and Group Publisher. “This is an exciting time in healthcare media. The digital-revolution provides the ability to serve readers and customers like never before.”

Ciraulo added that IHM adheres 8 core-principles: Integrity, Creativity, Expertise, Independence, Passion, Resiliency, Clear Communication and Love of what they do. These key ingredients will drive IHM to collaborate with all customers and readers to deliver relevant information and advice. Collaboration, he said, is of utmost importance and IHM has the staff and experience to execute on this.

Managing Editor and award-winning industry veteran, Dean Celia noted that the corporate tagline “All Content Should Be This Good™” signifies the investment in resources to provide superior content and an exceptional user experience that are the best in the industry. IHM is using a proprietary 20-step approach to maximize editorial engagement with its end users. It is curating must-read information, generating best-in-class organic content, and adding important advice from top experts on how to apply it all in practice.

Chief Marketing Officer, Matthew Montellione stated that IHM will cover a variety groundbreaking marketing approaches that will provide advertisers and supporters with data driven intelligence and reporting to assess true return on investment. Advertisers demand and deserve clear transparency as to how well their dollars are being spent. IHM’s mission, editorial focus, and core principles deliver on that demand.

“This is an exciting time for the industry and specifically the IHM platform,” said Ciraulo. “We have spent months listening to clinicians and industry experts. Based on those conversations, we are dramatically changing the way content is delivered and analysis is performed. Stay tuned.”

Learn more about International Healthcare Media, LLC by visiting www.ihmholdings.com

About International Healthcare Media, LLC

International Healthcare Media is a global communications media company that engages with healthcare professionals and patients via live congresses, print brands, video, and proprietary digital media assets.

IHM helps clinicians deliver quality care, improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, and optimize quality along the continuum of care through brands that target specific clinicians and diseases and conditions. Using its international reach and access to key thought leaders around the globe, IHM delivers an audience of engaged healthcare professionals by providing clinicians with succinct, practical recommendations.

Clinicians remain engaged in the IHM ecosystem because it delivers more than just information. Content is presented in varied and sticky formats, and almost always includes advice about what to do and why.